Children's Rehabilitation Events


P-HUG members joined Rusk therapists, Axis Project staff and NYU Langone patients at "Wheelchair Mobility Day" at the Axis Project in Brooklyn on Saturday, September 30th.

P-HUG members Michael DePrisco, Norma Mascarotti, and others joined NYU Langone patients and staff at "Wheelchair Day" at the Central Park Zoo on Saturday, August 12

Health & Wellness Fair

On June 17th children from the Rusk Rehabilitation Center participated in a Health & Wellness Fair.  The fair focused on teaching kids about wheelchair accessibility skills as well as fitness and healthy eating habits. There were instructors from an organization called Axis Project to teach the kids how to maneuver their wheelchairs safely and effectively. There was also a nutritionist who called himself “Plant Hero” that helped the kids to make healthy lunches and taught them about healthy eating choices.